Donut Finishing Tutorials

We've put together a series of tutorials to guide you in finishing and decorating your Clyde's Delicious Donuts product. From icing to glazing and every occasion in between,
we want your customers to see your beautiful showcase – stop – and buy that delicious tasting donut!


The Basics

How to Glaze a Yeast Raised Donut

Learn glazing tips and tricks, and what it takes to avoid an "unscrumptious" donut.
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How to Ice a Cake Donut

Knowing how to properly ice a donut is the first, and most important, step in the donut making process.
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Decorating for Every Occasion

Patriotic Donuts

A patriotic way to celebrate everything from Memorial Day to Labor Day - and especially the 4th of July - our Star-Shaped Donut will light up your showcase!
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S’more Donuts

Remember making s'mores around the campfire? You can re-kindle those memories with s'mores donuts for your customers!
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Touchdown Footballs

Our oval-shaped donuts make a mean Football, but can also be used for Easter eggs, lady bugs, or even a fish!

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Not Just for Kids

Bring out your inner child when making these bright and colorful kid's donuts!

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Christmas Trees & Snowmen

A festive treat for the Winter season, our Christmas Tree-shaped donuts will bring more than a dash of good cheer to your showcase! They can also be used to make snowmen.
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Great for Valentine's Day, or a sweet surprise, our lovely Heart-shaped donuts are a nice seasonal touch.

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Your Signature Cake Donut

To make your own signature donut, try using mini-candy pieces, toffee crunch, mini-chocholate chips, or feel free to use your own imagination!
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Cookies 'n Creme

Our simple and creative cookies 'n creme donut is sure to excite your customers!

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